Sunday 2 January 2022

ACT Made Yorkshire with Dr Steve Jones

Season 4 Episode 16

P-Soupers - It’s 2022 - how the heck did that happen! Happy New Year.

In this episode I continue my chat with Dr Steve Jones, clinical psychologist, author, cartoonist and Yorkshireman and we focus in on his brilliant book - ACT Made Yorkshire.

You’ll also hear about the conversation that sparked the creation of this book, how it developed from a worksheet to a full blown book and the whole creative process - from motivation to doubts. It’s a corker of a chat.



Show Notes 

You can find Steve on Twitter here and you can email him at

Also for the book, the English link is:

(The kindle ebook and paperback are available there - the book is available in all other countries, just search for ACT Made Yorkshire!).

There are also free exercises from Steve on soundcloud:

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