Welcome to the People Soup Podcast

Created and hosted by Ross McIntosh

I want to help you navigate the daily challenges of work with behavioural science.

More than ever the world of work is a heady mix of people, behaviour, events and challenges. My mission is to share practical skills, perspectives and insights to help you be the person you'd like to be more often at work and beyond.

There are two types of episodes,

  • 10-minute focussed episodes with practical skills and tips,
  • Longer interviews with global experts reflecting on the application and impact of science at work.

Podcast Review - Melanie La Barrie, Actor, London

"I got introduced to Ross's terrific work during my MSc but it has provided a constant source of peace and incredibly useful information in these uncertain times. So, I heartily recommend you give it a go! (Also Ross has the most calming voice on the entire planet)" 

Your Host

I'm a psychologist on a mission to make behavioural science more accessible and useful for adults at work.  
I know that many adults can feel ground down and stagnant at work. This can leave us feeling;

overwhelmed by uncertainty, 
challenged by complex or confusing circumstances, 
disconnected from a sense of personal meaning,
unfulfilled and exhausted. 

I know that there is an alternative and take a stand for what’s possible at work.  We support you in growing your adaptability, well-being and awareness. With practice, these skills can enable you to reconnect with what’s possible at work and
  • relate to worry and stress more effectively,
  • explore your personal meaning,
  • recognise your habitual patterns,
  • pause to make more workable choices,
  • recharge your batteries and recover from work.
I'm a globally recognised trainer in behavioural science at work. I keep one foot in academia as a researcher and visiting lecturer at City, University of London and also lecture in workplace well-being at Birkbeck, University of London. You can read more about me here.

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