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"..his think pieces take you by the hand and say 'this is how my mind works, does yours work this way too?' And reassuringly, the answer is always 'yes!' "

In Lemongate, I try to show how the stories we develop can impact on our behaviour and limit us - using lemons!

Do you ever find yourself caught up in your own head? To such an extent that you're not noticing what's going on or how you're showing up? In Legally Blonde I present my inner courtroom, how I'm captivated by it and how I can relate to it in a different way.

Have you ever felt stuck? The blank page, getting started...the reluctance to move. In Blankety Blank I share my experience and a practical tool to work out what's going on.

Sometimes we don't realise how our thoughts can stop us leading the life we'd really like to live. The first step is noticing those thoughts. Listen on to hear the metaphor of the Passengers on the Bus - the second ever episode of People Soup!

Interviews with experts

Are you navigating life as a student - or are you a parent, relative or friend of a student - this episode is for you!

Many of us worked virtually over the pandemic - hear from Alexandra Lechner about her research exploring how we can build psychological safety in virtual teams.

To change a habit we need to recognise it first! Meet Dr Dayna Lee-Baggley - who explains the science behind her book title, "Healthy Habits Suck: How to Get Off the Couch and Live a Healthy Life... Even If You Don't Want To" 

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