Sunday, 15 December 2019

Dr Becky Quicke - menopause psychologist

Season 3 Episode 16

This is a special edition – a hearty soup for you to enjoy – It’s my interview with Dr Becky Quicke – a clinical psychologist who specialises in  supporting women through the perimenopause and menopause – particularly around the associated anxiety – she uses Acceptance and Commitment therapy as an essential part of her approach.

Dr. Becky Quicke empowers women who experience anxiety during the menopause to slow down, let go of worries and live with more joy and ease. Her on line courses teach psychological flexibility and compassion skills so women can navigate this transitional phase of life with confidence, care and clarity. In addition, she helps women practice menstrual cycle awareness during perimenopause (the phase 5-10 years before menopause) so they can consciously pave the way towards a more emotionally empowered menopause. It’s a time for women to unravel and by teaching women these skills, Becky guides them back to their own innate wisdom and power so they can thrive in life and go from fear to fulfilment. 

We also talk about Becky’s career path, some big decisions she’s made and there is one of the best takeaways we’ve ever had.

The commercial break starts at 26 mins 37 secs and the episode starts again at 30 mins 20 secs.




Connect with Becky

Closed FB community for women struggling with anxiety during menopause:
LinkedIn: @drbeckyquicke

The Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Diary 2020: A Guide and Companion for Moving Toward the Things That Matter in Your Life

The research paper I mentioned on women and the organisational labyrynth is in the Harvard Business Review from 2007 - by Alice H Eagly and Linda L Carli - the link is here

Professor Michelle Ryan - has done some fantastic research on women and the glass cliff - link here

Research by Myra Hunter exploring CBT for menopause symptoms - link here




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