Sunday 8 December 2019

Suzanne Tarrant - Part 2

Season 3 Episode 15

It's Part 2 of my conversation with Suzanne Tarrant who is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head of Staff Psychological Wellbeing at the Hywel Dda University Health Board.

We focus on the green health agenda and begin by talking about the culture of taking breaks in the NHS. SPOILER ALERT: breaks are not necessarily seen as a typical part of a day in many NHS roles. 

Suzanne has always valued her connection with nature and describes herself as someone who always retreats to the sea when in need of solace.

In her role in Hywel Dda, Suzanne has secured approval from the Executive Board to develop a strategic framework for green health that is truly supportive of health and well-being. They have also established a green health network as well as a green health group at one of their district hospitals, where staff from across the site are developing a courtyard garden with support from community groups.

We also talk about Suzanne's growing involvement with Reconnect in Nature where they are developing a long weekend nature packages - in the first instance, for Doctors. The aim is to provide the opportunity to start to recharge and recover whilst also developing perspectives and tools that can be taken back into the workplace and be woven in to their working lives.

To finish - there is a second takeaway from Suzanne about how we can build our relationship with nature in our own unique way as well as making it a reciprocal connection.


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Show Notes

Reconnect in Nature - CIC

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Suzi Tarrant


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Recommended book:
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And Suzanne's running companion, Bob, as well as some spectacular photos from her trail runs.


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