Sunday, 28 October 2018

Part 2 - Dr Paul Flaxman & Dr Joe Oliver

Season 2 Episode 10

For continuity, you might like to listen to Part 1 first or feel free to dive straight in!

This is the second part of my conversation with Paul and Joe. We chat about the versatility of the ACT model & some hot topics including Relational Frame Theory and data from our research. 

Me and Paul talk about our workshop in March - it's a train the trainer two day event for our ACT in the workplace protocol. There's a discount code for 10% the workshop - more details below.The chaps finish off with a couple of cracking takeaways. 





Show Notes

Find out more about Joe's Relational Frame Theory Webinar - RFT Made Simple - here

Sign up for the workshop with me and Paul here - it's called Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) in the workplace - improving employees' psychological well-being

Use the discount code "People Soup" to get 10% off the price of this workshop.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Part 1 - Dr Paul Flaxman & Dr Joe Oliver

Season 2 Episode 9

Here's the first part of my chat with Dr Paul Flaxman and Dr Joe Oliver a couple of weeks ago. We talk about their journey into ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and what attracted them about the approach. They go on to speak about the impact of ACT on their own lives and how they use it in their work. We finish Part 1 with some reflections on the ACT Matrix.



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Show Notes

Find out more about Contextual Consulting.

Go to Contextual Consulting Facebook Page

Follow Joe on Twitter

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Brilliant ACT Matrix Book - 

The Essential Guide to the ACT Matrix: A Step-by-Step Approach to Using the ACT Matrix Model in Clinical Practice Paperback – 28 Jul 2016

Sunday, 14 October 2018

A conversation with Nicky Hemmings

Season 2 Episode 8

What an absolute delight to spend some time chatting with Nicky Hemmings - lead psychologist at Soma Analytics. We discussed evidence based psychology in the workplace and the very new Evidence Based HR Forum set up by Nicky, MaddyScott, Craig Tindall and Professor Rob Briner.

Nicky talks us through the evolution of the Soma App - called Kelaa - how people interact with it - the data it can produce for organisations and the wider support they provide. What I particularly love is the story of how Soma came about through an experience with a friend of the co-founders Christopher Lorenz and Johann Huber.

We reflect on contributing to improvements to mental health at work and Nicky introduces the frog - which is used across the team at Soma - to help them get stuff done. Nicky also gives a glimpse of the research that Soma will be publishing soon - showing improvements across stress, sleep and well-being through use of the Kelaa app. 



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Show notes

Founded by Nicky Hemmings, Maddy Scott, Craig Tindall and Professor Rob Briner (click on names for twitter links!)

Maddy Scott also co-hosts the brilliant - Freaking the F*uck Out Podcast with Kelsey Bennett.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Daily Audio Values Diary

Have a listen as I have a go at reflecting on my values over a period of four days. This exercise is based upon an approach developed and described by Jonny Line in Episode 2 (Season 2). I was reminded about it by a tweet from Dr Sally Bradley who said she was using it with clients as part of their gratitude practice.

This episode also begins with a bumper crop of reviews, a bit of singing and finishes with a snippet of live flamenco guitar. 



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Show notes

This episode is based upon a practice developed and described by Jonny Line in Season 2 Episode 2.

The hotel in Granada was called La Marquesa - it was fabulous!

Sunday, 30 September 2018

A conversation with Dr Mike Sinclair

Dr Mike Sinclair is Clinical Director of the City Psychology Group, Consultant Counselling Psychologist, ACT practitioner and author.

We cover a lot of ground in this conversation including:

  • Mike's journey into ACT - which included a bold trip to Nevada in the early days;
  • How he uses ACT in his personal and professional life;
  • How he uses ACT with high performers in the City.

He has also developed a takeaway especially for his appearance on People Soup and has a cracking, client generated metaphor which we could all use.



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Show notes

City Psychology Group - this page also has the links to Mike's books that he mentioned in the show as well as some free chapters!! Get yourself over there!

Mike on Twitter

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Noticing and the happy robots

Why do I talk about the skill of noticing so much? Listen on to hear why noticing is so important - both in terms of how we're showing up in the world through our behaviour and being aware of what our mind is producing in terms of thoughts, emotions, memories and urges.

I then move on to different ways that we can strengthen the skill of noticing. I also respond to a question from this week from a workshop participant who asked if I was trying to create a workplace full of happy robots!



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Show Notes

If you're interested in noticing check out these other episodes:

Season 1: Episode 1 - Autopilot and the wandering mind

Season 1: Episode 8 - Two gears of the mind

Season 1 : Episode 11 - Body and breath exercise

Sunday, 16 September 2018

What are you two clucking about?

Season 2: Episode 4

Ross presents some evidence on gender differences in organisations. Amongst other findings he covers 'Think Manager Think Male' and the glass cliff (where women can be put in precarious leadership positions). Drawing upon a Harvard Business Review he agrees that the route to leadership for women and other minorities is more labyrinthine than a ceiling. He finishes with a paper that suggests it's time to introduce positive discrimination to accelerate gender equality. The take away is a clarion call - to flag micro-behaviours - both good and bad.

Below - the live studio audience for this episode. Seems appropriate that Fiona was on the top cushion!


Show Notes

Think Crisis–Think Female: The Glass Cliff and Contextual Variation in the Think Manager–Think Male Stereotype
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Michelle K. Ryan University of Exeter and University of Groningen
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Women and the Labyrinth of Leadership
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Harvard Business Review (September 2007)

The shackled runner: time to rethink positive discrimination?
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Vol 24(4): 728-739
Mike Noon - Queen Mary University of London