Tuesday 3 December 2019

Reviews for Grief at Work

Hi all - this was a personal episode which has received a tremendous response - thanks to everyone who has taken the time to listen, share and feedback. A selection of your feedback is presented below. 

If you, haven't heard the episode you can listen via this link. I share my experience on what has helped me in my grief - it includes a metaphor, a model and a poem.

Over on LinkedIn - Ben WIlliams - who is founder of Sten10 - experts in people assessment & also the Chair of The Association for Business Psychology

And on twitter there was a fabulous response - I'm so delighted that people found it to be useful...

And a review in Finnish from Greta - which (according to google) says 

"Sadness is not a disease and it is not weakness to feel sadness in the workplace. This episode is on the grief process and how to approach and view it. Openness to all feelings is a good thing - thanks Ross - this episode provides us with a lot to think about in the workplace."

Louise - also known as - Act Auntie - also shared a great article from the LA Times about "How not to say the wrong thing"

And over on Instagram - there was some great feedback too!

Thanks again to everyone. I'll finish with a link to The Loss Foundation - who do extraordinary work supporting people who've lost a loved one to cancer.

Thanks for reading and listening.

Ross @ People Soup


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