Sunday 1 December 2019

Suzanne Tarrant - Part 1

Season 3 Episode 14

It's the first part of my conversation with Suzanne Tarrant. Suzanne is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Head of Staff Psychological Wellbeing Service for  Hywel Dda University Health Board in Wales. 

Hear about Suzanne's background and career as well as the establishment of the Staff Psychological Wellbeing Service. Suzanne explains how they've incorporated ACT and the impact of the training. I love Suzanne's interest in what works and what can truly make a difference in the long term. 

Suzanne also shares some fascinating aspects of their approach to the training, including the delivery model, how they encourage attendance and refresh the skills.

We finish part one with a brilliant takeaway on how to take a biophilic approach to your breaks at work - even if they're micro-breaks.

The wonderful photo of Suzanne was taken at a recent Reconnect in Nature event in the woods where she was leading a nature connection session.  The photo was taken by Mike Erskine (one of the founding directors of Reconnect in Nature and a filmmaker).


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Show Notes

You can connect with Suzanne on Twitter and Instagram.

Suzanne's website is here.

You'll hear all about Suzanne's interest in the green health agenda in our next episode. In the meantime - here's a link to Reconnect in Nature.

The benefits of microbreaks:

Journal of Environmental Psychology, Volume 42, June 2015, Pages 182-189

40-second green roof views sustain attention: The role of micro-breaks in attention restoration

Kate E Lee, Kathryn J H Williams, Leisa D Sargent, Nicholas S G Williams, Katherine A Johnson.

And - Suzanne's running companion - the lovely Bob.


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