Wednesday 22 December 2021

Dr Steve Jones - psychologist, author, cartoonist & Yorkshireman

Season 4 Episode 15

Hi there and a very warm welcome to Season 4 Episode 15 of People Soup. 

P Soupers, we’re feeling festive and what a treat it was to chat with Dr Steve Jones, clinical psychologist, author, cartoonist and Yorkshireman.

We cover so much more in the chat - you can hear about Steve’s identification with Hugh Laurie in House, what he discovered as he explored his career path, how he came across ACT and the impact it’s had on his own practice and the people around him. You can also discover more about his love of doodling and cartooning and how he uses this in his client work. And finally for part 1 - we finish with Steve’s song choice - the lyrics send a shiver down my spine.


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Show Notes 

You can find Steve on Twitter here and you can email him at

Also for the book, the English link is:

(The kindle ebook and paperback are available there - the book is available in all other countries, just search for ACT Made Yorkshire!).

There are also free exercises from Steve on soundcloud:

There is poetry on several buildings in Sheffield. Steve was right, some lyrics by Jarvis Cocker are on the slide of student flats near London Road. And also, Andrew Motion's poem, 'What If?...' is another poem on the side of a building. And 'The Liverpool Poet' Roger McGough has a poem on the glass of the Winter Garden.

You can learn more about the Writing Sheffield project here.

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