Thursday 1 December 2022

Collective Mindfulness with Jutta Tobias Mortlock

A very warm welcome to Season 5 Episode 2 of People Soup. 

In this episode I continue my chat with Dr Jutta Tobias Mortlock, a social psychologist from City, University of London who is the co-director of the Centre for Excellence in Mindfulness Research.

Together we explore the concept of collection or team mindfulness and Jutta shares how she has approached the development of the skill in her work with Naval cadets. We also consider how team mindfulness contributes to psychological safety.

Psychological safety in virtual teams was a topic we explored in Season 4 in an interview with one of Jutta's research students, Alexandra Lechner. You can find a link to that episode below if you click on notes in the main graphic.

People Soup is an award winning podcast where we share evidence based behavioural science, in a way that’s practical, accessible and fun to help you glow to work a bit more often.

Another first for Season 5 is that I'm adding a transcript, wherever possible. There is a caveat - this transcript is largely generated by Artificial Intelligence, I have corrected many errors but I won't have captured them all! You can find the transcript by clicking on the three dots at the bottom left of the box below and selecting transcript.

You'll also find the shownotes, including all the useful links by clicking on Notes in the box below.


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