Sunday 31 October 2021

Seven Weeks Deep

Season 4 Episode 12

Hi P-Soupers - we're back after our mid season break and we're seven weeks into our relocation to Malaga in Spain, a project we're calling El Camino.

In this episode I reflect on the busyness of my anxious mind over the last few weeks and months and what I found useful to keep me moving forward on El Camino.

There's also a little treat - an interlude featuring my pal, Annie Gascoyne, where we discuss issues that organisations are currently facing and our Flexibility@Work Programme.


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Show Notes

Find out more about the Flexibility at Work Programme and book your place here.

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  • Sign up to Modules 2,3 & 4 for a 10% Block Discount discount.

Prize Draw
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You can find that poem from Mary Oliver here - I worried.

And you can find out more about Mary Oliver here.

You can read about our Chisi Award for the People Soup Podcast here.

Our intro was created by the enormously talented Alex Engelberg and our incidental music is from Andy Glen. 


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