Wednesday 4 November 2020

Two Free Conference Tickets for students or recent graduates! Apply now!


Do you have a keen interest in using ACT and Contextual Behavioural Science in the Workplace?

Are you a student or recent graduate in organisational or occupational psychology, sports psychology or any discipline involved in supporting people at work? 


We finally sponsored 4 student tickets (a blend of 2 day and 1 day places) for the #ACBSUKROI Conference - there were some fab entries - thanks to everyone who took the time to apply.

The tickets went to:

Sangita Bhalla
Emma Boontam
Alexandra Lechner
and one other student!

You can grab one of two tickets to the UK-ROI ACBS Online Conference on 16 & 17 November - sponsored by People Soup - nourishing the mind, flourishing at work.

The 4th UK and Republic of Ireland ACBS ACT and Contextual Behavioural Science (CBS) Online Conference is coming up very soon on the 16th and 17th of November. Conferences are a place to rapidly learn and update yourself on the cutting edge research and practice within the ACT and CBS world. For those of us who work (or aspire to work in supporting people in the workplace) it's a rich, multidisciplinary source of inspiration. 

However, given the current climate, it is not easy to access funding to attend conferences, especially for students and recent graduates. As such (and inspired by Contextual Consulting) People Soup will be sponsoring two free places for students and recent graduates of disciplines that involve supporting people in the workplace using ACT and Contextual Behavioural Science (worth £115 each). This will be both to attend the live conference online and receive full access to the recording of the sessions for viewing afterwards.

The conference has an exciting array of speakers presenting on a variety of topics. You can find out about the conference  and read the full programme here:

The programme includes three fabulous workshops and I was lucky enough to interview each of the presenters on the People Soup Podcast.

Who is eligible?

  • Any student or or recent graduate of organisational/occupational psychology, coaching psychology or sports psychology who has a keen interest in ACT and Contextual Behavioural Science in the workplace. 

How do I enter?

Please email me with 'Conference Sponsorship' in the subject line and include:

  • Your brief CV - maximum one page. Give me the highlights without using a tiny font or disappearing margins!
  • A statement (maximum 100 words) on the topic - "Why I'd love to attend the ACBS UKROI Conference."
To by midnight on Tuesday 10 November. Winners will be announced on Wednesday 11 November.

After the conference, each winner will be invited to join me on the People Soup Podcast to share their insights and highlights.


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