Monday 13 April 2020

Dr Annie Gascoyne - Part 1

Season 3 Episode 25

Today's episode is part one of my conversation with Dr Annie Gascoyne. Annie’s PhD research explored psychological flexibility AND organisational flexibility and we’ll explore that in much more detail in next week's episode. In this episode we hear about Annie’s fascinating career history, it’s varied and spans radically different organisations, she talks about pivotal moments, like going back to Uni and how she found herself in the surprising position of embarking upon a PhD. 

Annie is an organisational psychologist and coach who uses behavioural science to equip people and organisations with skills to achieve their aims, with a greater sense of wellbeing, meaning and purpose.

Annie has over 20 years of experience across a wide range of organisations from multinational corporations through to entrepreneurial start-ups, and from financial services to charities. She has worked as an external consultant and coach, and as an internal manager of people, projects, operations and change. 

Annie’s relatively recent transition to organisational psychology was driven by her desire to help organisations and their people to work together more successfully and healthily. Her doctoral thesis, which researched organisational and psychological flexibility, provides her practice with a leading-edge, evidence-based perspective for improving our world of work.
She is also a visiting lecturer at the Institute of Management Studies (IMS), Goldsmiths University of London, teaching Organisational Behaviour & Health and Assessment & Selection courses on the MSc Occupational Psychology programme.


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Annie mentions two businesses:

Bathroom magnificence from Balineum

And if you happen to be in Key West, Florida - you can check out Date & Thyme for some divine nourishment. 


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