Sunday 29 March 2020

Check-in with Dr Dayna Lee-Baggley

Season 3 Episode 24

Hey P-Soupers - I almost called this episode 'Help, my caveman brain's on fire' but I thought that might be a bit niche.

This is a check in with our previous guest, behaviour change expert, Registered Clinical Psychologist and author, Dr Dayna Lee-Baggley.

We check-in on a whole range of topics to support ourselves and each other in these challenging times.

Topics include:
  • how our brains are processing the information that we're being bombarded with and why our caveman mind is on fire;
  • how our frontal lobe battery might also be getting drained;
  • how we can think about the response to coronavirus as a war, where we're all working together towards the same goal;
  • reminding ourselves of our own values in physical isolation - we're supporting the most vulnerable in society and those caring for them;
  • how we can encourage emotional connection during physical isolation;
  • how we can create routine and purpose;
  • how we can take this time to re-evaluate what's important.
In 10 year's time will we look back and be proud of what we did during Covid19? We can certainly be proud of our physical distancing.


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Here's a link to my longer interview with Dayna at the beginning of this year.

Dayna has a comprehensive website that covers all her work and publications.
You can follow her on twitter , facebook and instagram here.

You can buy Dayna's book in all good bookshops - here's the amazon link. It's called - Healthy Habits Suck - How to get off the couch and live a healthy life - even if you don't want to. It's also available as an audio book on audible.

Dayna on the radio - Dayna will be on this radio show weekly at 7:15 am (atlantic time) on Thursday mornings.

Dayna's gym is also doing live, online exercise classes and you can join for a donation that will be used to help support local business: . She will be doing a weekly online, live mindfulness session as part of this program. 

Music for Social Distancing: Lullabies on Tuesday Night with Jaimee: 

You can find this by following Dayna on facebook ( or via this youtube link 


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