Sunday 14 October 2018

A conversation with Nicky Hemmings

Season 2 Episode 8

What an absolute delight to spend some time chatting with Nicky Hemmings - lead psychologist at Soma Analytics. We discussed evidence based psychology in the workplace and the very new Evidence Based HR Forum set up by Nicky, MaddyScott, Craig Tindall and Professor Rob Briner.

Nicky talks us through the evolution of the Soma App - called Kelaa - how people interact with it - the data it can produce for organisations and the wider support they provide. What I particularly love is the story of how Soma came about through an experience with a friend of the co-founders Christopher Lorenz and Johann Huber.

We reflect on contributing to improvements to mental health at work and Nicky introduces the frog - which is used across the team at Soma - to help them get stuff done. Nicky also gives a glimpse of the research that Soma will be publishing soon - showing improvements across stress, sleep and well-being through use of the Kelaa app. 



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Show notes

Founded by Nicky Hemmings, Maddy Scott, Craig Tindall and Professor Rob Briner (click on names for twitter links!)

Maddy Scott also co-hosts the brilliant - Freaking the F*uck Out Podcast with Kelsey Bennett.


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