Wednesday 24 December 2014

Resilience & office politics

I came across an article a few weeks ago which reported on a study of resilience in leadership. The headline finding was that for women, office politics "was the main energy drain cited by 76%, which compared to 43% who said the main test of their resilience was organising working life and non-work responsibilities." The results found that both women (71%) and men (64%) wanted to improve their resilience, leading to the conclusion that it should be an integral part of leadership development.

I'm at the point in my MSc when it's time to consider dissertation topics and I keep coming back to this research. You can read the article here and download a copy of the full report hereIt includes guidance for employers on how to build career resilience, focussing on attitudes, habits and responses.  

There are many possibilities for my dissertation to build on this research. For example:

Is optimism linked to higher degrees of reported resilience?
What impact could coaching have on resilience? 
How can people build relationships that improve their resilience?

I'll keep you posted - if you have any views or experiences I'd love to hear them.




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