Tuesday 17 February 2015

Get Flexy - 5 Top Tips

After a whirlwind of exams, a conference then easing back into the second term of MSc Lectures I'm back in the blogosphere.

I've been doing some reading on the concept of psychological flexibility as background for my emerging dissertation topic (more on that soon).

It struck me that there was a blog in the making. This blog shares some ideas on flexing your mind in the same way you might work on other muscles at the gym, your yoga class or the discotheque.

i) Do you take a regular route somewhere?  For example to the station, the school run or the supermarket?  Have a go at varying your route.  Take a different turning and see what (or who) you notice.  This can also be useful if you are being tailed by an international spy ring.

ii) Look Up! See what you notice when you look up. Firstly check it's safe to do so then look. You might notice something that surprises you (even on a well worn path).

iii) Put your phone down and start a conversation. It's very unlikely you'll miss anything of international important on facebook, twitter etc...

iv) Wear a different cape (metaphorically or otherwise). If you're lucky enough to have a cape collection try rotating your outerwear rather than wearing your favourite one every day.  You can also try changing your metaphorical cape.  For example, I sometimes choose to wear my cape of confidence and notice what effect it has on me throughout the day. On other days I don my cape of clarity.

v) Surprise yourself! Select a different sandwich at lunchtime, take a break at a different time, try a different type of tea/coffee, sit in a different carriage on the train, move from your usual chair/sofa.

There are many more ways you can flex.  Please do share your ideas and see what you notice when you make a small adjustment.



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