Friday 7 June 2024

Perspectacles the Remix

Hi there and a very warm welcome to Season 5, Episode 55 of People Soup, it's Ross McIntosh here.

P Soupers - this week it's a cup a soup and a remix. I bring you a refreshed version of one of our most popular episodes from Season 4. I want to talk to you about perspective taking and how that relates to the world between our ears. I'm recording this new intro in Granada, Spain - I'm attending the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology and yesterday we presented some research and a glimpse into the workplace delivery. Now, if you could just try on these per spectacles please and read the bottom line of that chart over there.

People Soup is an award winning podcast where we share evidence based behavioural science, in a way that’s practical, accessible and fun, we're all about unlocking workplace potential with expert insights from Contextual Behavioural Science.

Another first for Season 5 is that I'm adding a transcript, wherever possible. There is a caveat - this transcript is largely generated by Artificial Intelligence, I have corrected many errors but I won't have captured them all! You can find the transcript by clicking on the three dots at the bottom left of the box below and selecting transcript.

You'll also find the shownotes, including all the useful links by clicking on Notes in the box below and scrolling.


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