Monday 14 March 2022


Hi there and a very warm welcome to Season 4 Episode 19 of People Soup. Yes I'm back - after an unexpected break due to catching Covid, which knocked me out for a few weeks.

This episode a new type of episode - one aimed more at those who are workplace trainers or facilitators support adults in the development of new skills. It’s a short cup/a/soup called Helping. Equally, it could be useful for anyone contemplating the helping relationship.

Have you ever had the misfortune to fall over in public or witness somebody else taking a tumble.

It’s yes to both of those scenarios for me and in my experience - there’s a common theme which relates to the helping relationship. It's inspired by one of my cycling adventures, the work of Edgar Schein and a reflection from my friend and colleague, Rich Bennett.

Facilitators and trainers - I’d love to get your feedback on this episode - does this resonate with you and your experience? Would you like to see more episodes like this?


Show Notes

That book by Edgar H Schein is called - Helping - How to offer, give and receive help.

You can find Dr Richard Benett at Think Psychology - here.

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