Tuesday 8 June 2021

Thanks for Asking

Season 4 Episode 7 

Hi P-Soupers, thanks for tuning in –this week it’s another cup-a-soup called Thanks for Asking. I want to build upon last week’s episode - GETTING CURIOUS - where I suggested one way we could ask colleagues about their experience of work - so in this episode - I’m going to answer that very same question based upon my personal experience.
My suggested conversation openers were:
“I’m curious how you experience this workplace, would you be willing to share?”
“What’s it like to be you in this workplace?”


Show Notes

Sunday reading from The New Yorker - Celebrating Pride Month

You can read about our Chisi Award for the People Soup Podcast here.

Our intro was created by the enormously talented Alex Engelberg and our incidental music is from Andy Glen. 

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