Sunday 21 June 2020

Update on ABC with our Big G

On Saturday I received a letter from Dad. He's been reflecting on his ABCs regularly since he appeared on People Soup. You can listen to us reflecting on basic psychological needs theory here.

Here's his update - not sure why the red pen! I've also typed it out below.

My ABC with Big G - Update

June 2020

& Competence

  • Many things have happened since I was so skillfully interviewed by Ross.
  • I am in lockdown so I desperately miss contact via:-
    • Swimming,
    • Volunteering at the Hospice,
    • and Clara Vale Village Hall,
    • Shopping Visits,
    • Days Out,
    • Cleaner & Hairdresser visits.
Joan Bakewell's suggestions re: scheduling certainly helped me at the very start. Whilst I do not have a written schedule, I do adhere to certain things on a regular basis.
    • I do combined exercises every day.
    • I walk to Ann's tree and beyond every day.
    • However, I haven't got seriously back into reading.
    • I do have however the best fed birds in christendom.
I have embarked on another DNA test sponsored by a lady relative in Canada and I am in regular contact with 'relatives' in Dorset and Holland.

RE: Future Learn, a slight hickup in my joining but I will rejoin one day.

The major event that has been such a help is that I have come up with a project.

The project is to extensively tidy/reorganise the garage & convert it into an easy access workshop/craft area.

This project has involved a lot of hard work removing decades old shelves and boxes from the garage walls. 

And buying attractive shelving units to form a workspace.

The workspace and bench has been formed and fitted with lighting and power for radios etc.

I plan an easy door to the garage, side hung and into thirds. This is on order and due in July when hopefully the project will conclude.

However, I have accumulated miscellaneous items over the years to sort, store and reject.

The project has and is giving me a purpose. It has made me think it through, adapt, plan, adjust and end up with a workspace which I love. I look forward to going there everyday and even eat my meals etc in the area.

I look forward to the doors arriving in July.

Most of the wood I have used was already available so costs are restricted to the three shelving units and the door on order.

Months of putting away all the collected 'debris' I've unearthed will follow!

Neighbours are kind & shop for me and bring me cakes etc.

On my walks or when working on my project I long to see people to say hello to.

I look forward each day to video calls with Ross PM and Alison AM.


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