Tuesday 2 June 2020

Dr Shane McLoughlin - Part 1

Season 3 Episode 28

It was great to welcome Shane to People Soup. Blimey what an interesting fella.

He's currently a lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University after completing his PhD at the University of Chichester.

Shane's interested in exploring the potential in merging the fields of behavioural analysis and differential psychology. He really set me thinking about a whole host of organisational issues and my stance in the workplace.

Other topics we discussed include Shane’s experience of imposter syndrome, his preparedness to be wrong  - spoiler alert – Shane says he’s been wrong about things many times. We also chatter about his willingness to share ideas with psychological communities outside of his own immediate discipline and his view of the primary function of a good scientist.

He also talks a little about his research on the impact of SMART training – which we’ll delve into more in part 2.

We finish with a tale of his sporting prowess which may or may not give us clues to his stance as a researcher.

This conversation was such a pleasure – Shane is open, honest, thought provoking and humble as well as being great fun.


Show Notes

You can find more about Shane at his website.

Follow Shane on Twitter


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