Sunday 8 March 2020

Dr Ian Tyndall - Part 1

Season 3 Episode 21

On Friday I had the great opportunity to visit the University of Chichester and speak to some of their Masters Students about ACT in the workplace and coaching. I was invited by Ian Tyndall, who is a cognitive behavioural psychologist and senior lecturer there, as well as running the Functional Behavioural Science Laboratory. 

Of course I was keen to grab Ian as a guest and the conversation was fabulous. He's such a warm and generous man and can tell a story like no other. Listen on to hear more about:
  • why he would have never predicted a career which involved speaking in public, something that he now loves,
  • his exploration of how language impacts anxiety and our response to stressful events,
  • a pivotal moment about his interview at the University of Chichester, 
  • and a moment when he experienced a difficult performance review.
We conclude Part 1 with Ian reflecting on the importance of being kind and compassionate in our collaborations with each other - and with ourselves.

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