Sunday 10 November 2019

Flaxintosh Road Trip Part 1

Season 3 Episode 11

Welcome one and all. It's another first for People Soup - a recording on the road. In this episode you'll hear me and my ACT pal - Dr Paul Flaxman, on the way to a meeting with some NHS legends up in Northumberland. We chat on a train and a hotel lobby in Newcastle. 

I work with Paul at City, University of London where we have redeveloped and refined a training protocol for Psychological Well-being in the Workplace. The training has a strong evidence base and we've spent time over the last year delivering Training for Trainers, to enable the protocol to be shared more widely and reach more people. 

It's like a Flaxintosh performance review. We cover some of the gigs we've done this year, how the ACT in the Workplace training protocol has evolved and any key moments that have stuck in our minds. 

In part 2 we'll share some big news for 2020 and also reflect on the train journey from Newcastle to Hexham, which reflects some key parts of my life. We also pass through Blaydon - hence the artwork for this episode.


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Show Notes 

We're big fans of Motel One - having stayed there in Glasgow and Newcastle - thoroughly recommended!

Here's the painting of the Blaydon Races by William C Irving. It's in the Shipley Art Gallery in Gateshead. You'll hear me singing an extract in Part 2.


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