Sunday 15 September 2019

Legally Blonde

Season 3 Episode 8

It's a cup a soup this week. A short episode where I draw upon one of my favourite films to illustrate how I can get tangled up in the drama of the courtroom in my mind - I'm captivated by the cut and thrust of the arguments for the prosecution and defence. turns out I'm so captivated by their arguments that I'm not noticing the real world and how I'm showing up. 

Hear a question I like to ask myself when I notice my mind going into Judge "The Honorable Marina R Bickford" Mode. Instead of asking "is it true?" I ask "is it helpful?".

This approach takes practice - we're not trying to get rid of our unhelpful thoughts. We consider them to be part of the human experience. What we're trying to do is notice when we're tangled up in a thought and help get back to the present moment to consider how we'd like to show up in the world.


Show Notes

Legally Blonde is a 2001 American comedy film based on Amanda Brown's novel of the same name. It was directed by Robert Luketic and stars Reese WitherspoonLuke WilsonSelma BlairMatthew DavisVictor Garber, and Jennifer Coolidge.

It is in my top five films of all time. 


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