Sunday 11 August 2019

Exploring ACT training with Leo Hepler, Jaimie Persson & Paul Flaxman - Part 1

Season 3 Episode 4

That's quite a title and this is quite a two parter! I was lucky enough to have a chance to discuss ACT in the workplace training from three different perspectives - with Dr Paul Flaxman, Jaimie Persson and Leo Hepler.

We’re exploring the delivery of training based upon acceptance and commitment therapy in the workplace from three different perspectives. We have Paul Flaxman – together we redesigned an ACT in the workplace training protocol, which was then adapted by our colleague and pal – Jaimie Persson – to deliver to the students at Canada’s National Ballet School. One of the students was dancer – Leo Hepler – our star guest – who came on the show to reflect upon his experiences of receiving ACT training.

In part 1 we talk about the ballet school and ballet company environment and hear how Jaimie (as a former student of the school) presented a compelling case to the Director – Mavis Staines – known for her progressive approach to education – to introduce the students to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. We also hear what Leo took away from the training.


Show Notes

The photographs of Leo were taken by Amber Hunt at

Unfortunately, no photos exist of Paul taking part in his Disco Dancing Competition.

There are photos of Jaimie from her dancing career which I'll add here asap.


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