Sunday 14 April 2019

Sarah Bonner - Part 2 - Tapping into Black Magic

Season 2 Episode 23

Here's Part 2 of my conversation with psychologist, Sarah Bonner. 

We focus in on Sarah's research into the experience of black women in the creative industries, it's called "Tapping into Black Magic."

Sarah's brings her research to life using words from her research participants. She articulates the issues in a really clear and accessible way and talks about individual differences. The issue for us all is can we recognise what we do when we notice a difference - how does it show up in our behaviour?

Sarah's research revealed two overarching themes - empowerment and disempowerment - you can hear more about the themes in this episode and also see them on the poster below.

Sarah also talks about two exciting findings which are ripe for further research - 'intragender and intra-racial conflict' and 'the confidence curve'.

Can we all recognise that talent and intelligence comes in different packages. Can we all:

  • be curious,
  • have an open mind,
  • and look beyond what we expect to see?


I mentioned a future guest - Dr Guy Meadows - you can find out more about The Sleep School here.

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