Sunday 3 June 2018

A thousand words

In this episode I use behavioural science to explore the decline in my sketching and cartooning activity and give some top tips on how to apply the same techniques to work and life in general. I commit to publishing a sketch or cartoon every day for the next 30 days on instagram and twitter - so you can follow my progress.

Click here to listen to Episode 10 on soundcloud.

The key questions I recommend to use to explore something that you've stopped doing at work that matters to you are as follows:

1. What's important to me about X or Y? Why does it matter to me?

2. What's my mind saying about X or Y?

Episode Notes

The song by David Gates is called 'If' and you can watch a live performance here.

You can check out the work of the brilliant Christoph Neimann here and his instagram feed is here.

And the book by Tom Gallwey is called - The Inner Game of Tennis.

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