Thursday 1 October 2015

What next?

My MSc course has finished & I've handed in my dissertation - hurrah. This post sets out what's happening next. 

I'm now working at City University as a Research Manager for two funded projects:
  • The first is in association with City and Hackney Mind and is an evaluation of resilience training for bankers, NHS workers and others.
  • The second is a project sponsored by the British Academy where we'll be exploring teachers' week to week work pressures and experiences. If you are a teacher or know teachers please do tell them about this research and ask them to contact me at for more information.
Both of these research projects are very closely connected with a range of psychological theory, processes and evidence known as Acceptance and Commitment Training, known as ACT. The evidence shows that ACT can increase resilience, psychological flexibility, well-being, innovation and performance in the workplace. 

I'll also be working with one of the leaders in the ACT field in a coaching capacity - more news very soon. If you're interested in coaching - get in touch for a free 20 minute conversation to find out more.

In other news I'm planning a workshop on Acceptance and Commitment Training for an organisation that manages customer loyalty programmes and preparing for a talk on psychological well-being for a large American Bank which will include a panel discussion with three of their Senior Vice Presidents where we will discuss personal values, change and work recovery.

By the way, my dissertation is a qualitative exploration of organisational politics in the Senior Civil Service with reference to psychological flexibility or "Yes Minister, how the Senior Civil Service experience and manage organisational politics". If that has set your imagination alight (I know....) get in touch and I can send you the executive summary! I've just heard that I'll be presenting this research at the British Psychological Society; Division of Organisational Psychology Conference in January.

Exciting times - I'd like to dedicate the rest of my career to continuing on the theme of discovering a more meaningful way to work. 

If you'd like to find out more please do get in touch.




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