Why People Soup?

People often ask about the name People Soup.  It began when I was reading an article that referenced a quote from Abraham Maslow:
"A first-rate soup is more creative than a second-rate painting."
Funnily enough I had been making a lot of soup at the time and it struck me that to create a really good broth takes a combination of art and science.

My primary passion throughout my career has been finding ways to release uptapped potential in individuals & teams to make the workplace a creative, positive and fun place where people can experiment, grow and deliver real business outcomes.  In other words a workplace where the staff are engaged and have the freedom to perform at their full potential.

When the people soup in the workplace is well balanced and flavourful the individual ingredients can be identified and the combined results can be extraordinary.  My mission is - to explore the psychological science and art to explore how these conditions can be introduced, developed and sustained to make a real difference to the business.  For the individual - you may want to explore what spices and herbs you can add to your soup to act as a catalyst for change and development.

Abraham Maslow