At People Soup we focus on the cultivation of psychological flexibility in organisations, teams and individuals.

This site is also the home of the People Soup Podcast - nourishing the mind, flourishing at work.

We only use techniques and approaches that are firmly grounded in evidence. Our mission is to make that evidence accessible and effective in the way we share it with people in the workplace to deliver sustainable benefits. Many organisations talk about their people being their most valuable resource. We embody that principle by delivering skills training and coaching that respects the whole person - not just the person in the workplace.

People Soup was founded by Ross McIntosh, an organisational & coaching psychologist.  He works on a solo basis and also is proud to collaborate with his network of expert advisers and collaborators from academia and business. 

He is a researcher and Honorary Visiting Lecturer in Organisational Psychology at City, University of London. Ross keeps one foot in academia, whilst as a science-practitioner he designs and delivers interventions for a variety of organisations.

Find out more about Ross' work alongside Dr Paul Flaxman at City, University of London in the 1 minute video.

Psychological Flexibility and well-being?

All of our bespoke interventions are based on a foundation that has been shown to significantly increase psychological well-being and psychological flexibility. These research findings have been published in top ranked academic journals. 

Psychological flexibility is what we're aiming to cultivate in all of our work. The processes that underpin psychological flexibility reflect the complexity and fluidity of the world today.

We consider psychological flexibility to be the cornerstone of psychological health and the key to a meaningful career and life. 

In working with psychological flexibility we focus on a set of processes. We're aiming to cultivate:
  • an ability to notice what's going on. That is, what's going on around us, in our head and also how we're showing up in the world;
  • an exploration of what's important in our work and life - and how to use these qualities that matter to us as a behavioural guide;
  • ways to skilfully relate to the content generated by our minds. Our minds generate loads of thoughts, emotions, memories and urges. Sometimes these can hijack our behaviour and stop us being who we want to be. By relating differently to this content - we can free ourselves to focus on what matters.
In his research work at City, University of London, Ross works alongside Dr Paul Flaxman, Reader in Organisational Psychology. Over the last three years they have redesigned and redeveloped a protocol designed to enhance psychological well-being and flexibility in the workplace. 

This is important because psychological well-being has been shown to be the most effective predictor of performance, absence and turnover at work.

Our Values

As an organisation that invests time in exploring values with our clients we take our values seriously and genuinely pursue them in the way we bring our business to life.

Context - we work alongside individuals and organisations to understand and respect their context to enable us to provide services with the greatest chance of an effective impact. 

Impact - our work is always based on evidence and therefore has the highest possible chance of making an impact. Where possible - we love to measure the impact of what we do.

Diligence - we work hard to understand your issues and deliver results.

Connection - we thrive on our connections - both with our clients and expert advisers and collaborators.

Creativity - we are strongly creative and will consider many different ways to deliver our messages and share skills effectively.

Love - we love what we do and want this to show up in our work.

Humour - we bring humour and warmth to our approach - it helps us deliver more effective interventions.

Why people soup?

More than ever the world of work is a heady mix of people, behaviour, events and complex challenges. When the blend is right it can be first-rate. We use evidence based behavioural science to develop and deliver bespoke interventions for organisations and individuals. It was psychologist Abraham Maslow who said "A first-rate soup is more creative than a second-rate painting." That was the starting point for People Soup. 

People Soup Clients

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