My Hall of Gratitude

I thrive on connections and collaborations with a wide variety of people. Below is the beginning of my hall of gratitude, these are people I work with, talk to and admire. They help me thrive through conversation, sharing ideas and collaborating on projects. 

Dr Paul Flaxman

Paul is a reader in organisational psychology at City, University of London. Over the last few years, I have worked alongside Paul in the redesign of an ACT intervention for psychological wellbeing in the workplace. We've also travelled all over the UK delivering train the trainer interventions for psychological wellbeing at work. We also ventured further afield to Montreal in July 2018 to present some of our research evidence.

Jonny Line

Jonny is a recent graduate of the MSc at City, University of London. We got chatting after one of my lectures and found a common interest in the creativity and impact of truly flexible facilitation which we've kept alive through many conversations in Brighton. Jonny has been described by another colleague as having an "unusual theoretical mind" - which certainly keeps me on my toes. At the time of writing - he has featured on two very popular episodes of the People Soup Podcast. His research interests are currently focussed on psychological capital and positive psychology. 

Maddy Scott

Maddy and I have co-designed several interventions. The most memorable was a one day ACT intervention which was extremely well received. Maddy is now working her magic as a Senior Talent Development Partner at Groupon. 

Maddy is the co-host of a popular podcast (it's one of my favourites) called Freaking the F Out - you can find it on all the usual platforms. In each episode Maddy and co-host Kelsey explore the working of their own minds in different life areas - they also have some top guests. They do great work in normalising the anxious mind and the experience of the human condition in a really accessible (and often entertaining) way. Maddy is also a pioneer of evidence based practice in organisations and is one of the co-founders of the Evidence Based HR Forum.

Jaimie Persson & Damian Mullins 

Jaimie and Damian were my classmates on the MSc at City Uni. We share a mutual enthusiasm and interest in the application of ACT in the workplace. Damian is doing great work in Ireland and I work with Jaimie in sharing contextual behavioural science with ballet companies around the UK. 

More of my fabulous connections will be added over the next few weeks. This is the beta version of my website - you may also notice that I seem to have a favourite podcasting shirt!


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