I have significant experience as a coach and HR professional, I'm a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development, and will provide you with a challenging and supportive environment in which to explore the changes you are seeking in your life. In September 2015 I completed an MSc in Organisational Psychology at City University, London I can offer you the benefit of a coach who is honing their skills in Coaching Psychology

I am a member of both the British Psychological Society and their Special Group in Coaching Psychology. To give you an idea I often refer to the following definition:
"Coaching Psychology is for enhancing well-being and performance in personal life and work domains underpinned by models of coaching grounded in established learning theories and psychological approaches." (Adapted from Grant and Palmer, 2002)
Coaching is about supporting you to enhance your performance, improve your resilience, explore ways to address interference and evaluate progress. When I use the term interference this can refer to both external and internal factors. As your coach I'd be interested in both, but I'm particularly interested in your internal interference.  For example, those beliefs about yourself and your abilities that limit you and the unhelpful thoughts that our minds generate. What if you could change your relationships with those thoughts and take action?

Coaching is not about me giving advice or making suggestions.  You must be committed to work and ready for change to get the most out of us working together. As your coach I will be totally focussed on helping you discover the right way to identify and progress towards your goals in a way that corresponds with your values. In my experience working with your values and strengths produces remarkable and sustainable outcomes. 

One of the growth areas in my coaching practice is a focus on building resilience using techniques that are backed by an impressive evidence base.

To find out more get in touch for a free 20 minute conversation to explore what you could get from coaching and realise your possibilities.  We can speak face-to-face, over the telephone or on Skype.

I look forward to hearing from you, what have you got to gain?

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