Friday 8 March 2024

Meet Michaela Thomas

Hi there and a very warm welcome to Season 5 Episode 44 of People Soup – it’s Ross McIntosh here. 

P Soupers - here's the first part of my chat with Michaela Thomas. Michaela is s senior clinical psychologist, CBT psychotherapist author and corporate speaker. Her first book is called "The Lasting Connection, Developing Love and Compassion for Yourself and for Your Partner". She's also the creator and host of an award winning podcast called Pause, Purpose, Play. Michaela offers support for individuals, couples, and groups on issues such as perfectionism, excessive worry, and low self esteem. One of her most recent initiatives is that she is facilitating and curating a group coaching program called Burn Bright. A transformational group coaching for the ambitious working woman who needs to be nicer to herself and calm the overwhelm. And if that sounds interesting - listen on - Michaela is open about her life experience and how she supports others - you'll find more details of the Burn Bright Programme in the shownotes.

You'll also here how she's making space to write her second book on the theme of perfectionism, how she is an embodied leader for her community and beyond, the impact of striving for perfection and her first training as a clinical pscychologist in Sweden where she was taught that "you don't speak about anything in your private life." For me - the clarity of Michaela's expression reflects her deep inner work.

People Soup is an award winning podcast where we share evidence based behavioural science, in a way that’s practical, accessible and fun, we're all about unlocking workplace potential with expert insights from Contextual Behavioural Science.

Another first for Season 5 is that I'm adding a transcript, wherever possible. There is a caveat - this transcript is largely generated by Artificial Intelligence, I have corrected many errors but I won't have captured them all! You can find the transcript by clicking on the three dots at the bottom left of the box below and selecting transcript.

You'll also find the shownotes, including all the useful links by clicking on Notes in the box below and scrolling.


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