Sunday 2 October 2022

Interview Reflections & The Matrix

Season 4 Episode 25

Hi there and a very warm welcome to Season 4 Episode 25 of People Soup.


This week - it’s a short cup a soup - called Interview Reflections & The Matrix. It’s a continuation of the previous episode - where I shared a particularly memorable and cringeworthy interview experience. In this episode - I’ll share some of the insights from our listeners, the P-Soupers, and their experiences of work interviews. And then I’ll introduce, or reintroduce the ACT Matrix - as a way to reflect on/and sort through the experience of that interview, to help me learn and grown.

You might want to use the matrix to reflect on an experience you’ve had, whether it’s an interview or anything else that’s been on your mind.



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You can access the template for the ACT Matrix here

Fabien Littel shared one of his interview experiences for this episode and you can find his great blog and website here

You can read about our Chisi Award for the People Soup Podcast, Ross and Big G here! 
This includes the Louise Gardner Award, which I am tremendously moved and proud to receive.

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Our intro was created by the enormously talented Alex Engelberg and our incidental music is from Andy Glen. 

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