Thursday 24 June 2021

Big G, Hadrian & The 5 ways to well-being

Season 4 Episode 9

Welcome P-Soupers. This episode is a surprise interlude, it's a bit of slow radio with an important message about well-being too. Hear me chat with my Dad, Big G, on one of his daily walks, where he's recreating his previous walk along Hadrian's Wall, to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Here's Dad's introduction

"I thoroughly enjoyed walking to remember Lou throughout May. Now that I am addicted I am going to emulate my 2005 challenge when I walked the Hadrians Wall Path for Cancer Research.
At 86 years old I can't manage the rugged terrain of the Hadrian's Wall Path - so I'm going to walk the same distance, bit by bit, on my regular morning walks.
I estimate that I walk approximately one mile a day on my morning walks. So the challenge is to complete 84 morning walks for Cancer Research. Your support would be most appreciated, thank you."

In the conversation, Dad also provides a live and brilliant example of the five ways to well-being.

Be active
Take notice
Keep learning


Show Notes

You can read and subscribe to Dad's Blog here - The Big G Chronicles.

You can sponsor Dad on his walks to raise money for Cancer Research UK here.

You can read more about the five ways to well-being here.

You can hear Big G on another episode of the People Soup Podcast - talking about Basic Psychological Needs Theory.

You can read about our Chisi Award for the People Soup Podcast here.

Our intro was created by the enormously talented Alex Engelberg and our incidental music is from Andy Glen. 

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