Sunday, 5 July 2020

Dr Ray Owen - Part 2

P-Soupers – thanks for tuning in – this week – it’s part two of my chat with clinical psychologist and brilliant human, Dr Ray Owen. In the opening moments of this episode you'll hear a clip from Ray - talking about arriving well in a conversation – whether it’s a palliative care nurse about to have a really difficult and emotional conversation with a fellow human or a manager, preparing for a difficult performance conversation – we can prepare to arrive well in both of these scenarios.


We cover loads more in our chat – you’ll hear about his workshop at the ACBS UK & ROI in November which is called "ACT for Long Term Health Conditions - Adjustment to Long Term Health Conditions: how Psychological Flexibility can help." 

Please note - the main content was recorded and edited before the latest announcement about the conference. The conference will now be a two day event on 16 & 17 November and the pre-conference workshops will now be incorporated into those two days. You can find out all about it and sign up here!


And you'll get to hear not one, but TWO fabulous takeaways!


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Show Notes

Read more and order Ray's book Facing the Storm

Read more and order Ray's book Living with the Enemy

Both books are available via all good bookstores.

Ray's website is here and you can follow him on twitter here.

Here's a link to more information about the programme I've developed with a recent guest, Dr Annie Gascoyne. It's called Flexibility at Work and there are four modules, designed to build flexibility in yourself, others, teams and leaders! To kick it all of theres a free webinar on Thursday 9 July. All the details are here!


Book Launch - Swipe Right on your Best Self by Eric Winters

I was thrilled to be invited to host the book launch for Eric and loads of people around the world joined in the fun.

I can best introduce this fabulous read with my own review:

"Hat’s off to Eric – awesome work! This is an accessible, practical and fun book – firmly grounded in evidence based behavioural science. Eric takes the reader on an engaging and compelling journey that brings together threads from history, fiction, pop, and his personal experience to illustrate each stage of his relatable proposition. He is an outstanding guide to the human condition and helping us all realise that –“taking courageous action is an ability, a skill to develop.” Let’s get out there and spread the science."

You can watch the launch here on catch up 😁

And you can buy the book here! Eric Winters - "Swipe Right on you Best Self - Simple steps to a bolder life with fewer regrets"

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