Sunday, 30 December 2018

Positive Pioneers - Bailey & French - Part 2

Season 2 Episode 15

This is Part 2 of my conversation with Joshua French and Jonny Line, who pioneer the use of positive psychology in organisations at Bailey and French.

We begin by mulling over the ways we make the evidence base accessible and relevant through our training. The chaps then take us through the PERMA model and how they bring it to life in organisations. 

To finish off the episode (and the year), Joshua and Jonny each share excellent takeaways that we can all have a go at. 


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Show Notes

Bailey and French website.

Learn more about the PERMA Model.

Relationships (the 'R' of PERMA) - Jane Dutton on the importance of relationships -
Meaning (the 'M' of PERMA) - Amy Wrzesniewski - different mindsets at work
Accomplishment - (the 'A' of PERMA) - Carol Dweck - check out Carol's TED Talk - The power of believing that you can improve


Joshua's takeaway

Write down in one sentence, what you would say the purpose of your role is?

  • Needs to be succinct
  • Needs to feel really motivating
  • Needs to feel accurate
Joshua's purpose - Lighting up the path to a brighter future.

Jonny's purpose - Helping people in ways that are relevant to them.

Ross' purpose - Making behavioural science accessible, practical, useful and fun to transform the workplace experience.

Jonny's takeaway

A little burst of psychological capital - it might be useful to write down your responses to these questions.

  • think about something you are grateful for
  • think about why you're grateful for that and what it is about that, that you're grateful for?
  • What did you do to make that happen - to foster that situation?
  • What could you do in the future that would have a similar impact or be useful in a similar situation?

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Positive Pioneers - Bailey & French - Part 1

Season 2 Episode 14

For our Christmas Special let's dive into positive psychology with a two parter featuring our friends, Jonny and Joshua from Bailey and French.

Bailey and French are pioneers, they bring evidence based positive psychology to organisations to facilitate great performance and wellbeing. I was lucky enough to spend some time with the co-founder and lead consultant, Joshua French and business consultant (and friend of the show) Jonny Line.

After our traditional introductions we hear a bit about Joshua's background and the conversations that led to the formation of Bailey and French. We hear more about their approach to bringing positive psychology to organisations and their individual research interests - peak experience moments and psychological capital. We finish with a reflection on some memorable training moments.


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Show Notes

Bailey & French website

Quote from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

"If you are interested in something, you will focus on it, and if you focus attention on anything, it is likely that you will become interested in it. Many of the things we find interesting are not so by nature, but because we took the trouble of paying attention to them."

Life in One Question - Jacky Van de Goor -

Dacher Keltner - the benefits of awe -

Action for Happiness

Action for happiness Brighton

Joshua French on LinkedIn

Jonny Line on LinkedIn

Monday, 10 December 2018


It's a gift - your secret Santa from the People Soup Podcast! I present a brief exercise in self-compassion which can be revealing and insightful - I certainly found it powerful. The exercise I present is called "How would you treat a friend?" and it's from a leading self compassion researcher - Dr Kristin Neff. Why not treat yourself - 12 minute listen.

The whole episode was inspired by a tweet from Teresa Jennings who said:

“Let’s look out for each other as we head into the winter months with Christmas on the horizon which isn’t an easy time for a lot of people. A little extra TLC towards our team companions and towards ourselves at this time of year can make all the difference!”
You can find the exercise on Kristin Neff's website here. 



Sunday, 2 December 2018

Rafael Dubois - Toronto Blue Jays Mental Performance Coach (Part 2)

Season 2 Episode 12
The conversation with Rafael Dubois continues.
A common theme that he encounters with players is confidence - which is often misunderstood. We also talk about how they have established a coaching culture at the Blue Jays and created an environment where it is safe for players to talk to a coach without feeling vulnerable. We finish with a brilliant takeaway as Rafael introduces non-negotiables!

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